Monday, December 29, 2008

One Year On

In a blink of an eye, one year has passed!

Some grew together, some grew apart, some grew thinner, some grew fatter and yet, some still look the same! ahh... the secret of of SKII miracle water...

Noah's Ark...

Here's the story of Noah's Ark.
There was a man named Noah. He was a good and godly man.

However, he lived in a world filled with evil people. (enter me as evil person!)

Now, one day, Noah heard God telling him that he was going to send a flood to destroy the world. He commanded Noah to build an ark to house his family. When the evil people saw Noah building the ark, they laughed at him because they thought he was mad!!

Noah tried to save some of his friends by asking him to come into the ark with him but they thought he was mad. Noah then gathered all the creatures of the world into the ark.

Then, Noah went into the ark and stayed there. A big storm came and it rained and rained for many days.

The evil people of the world drowned in the flood.

After many days, the rained stopped and the floods receded. Noah was glad and he rejoiced in the Lord. The animals all came out of the ark!

God showed Noah a rainbow, as a promise that he will never destroy the world like that again.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Toothbrushing Lessons

We also taught them the importance of keeping their teeth healthy.

Gave them a lesson on how to keep it healthy, what to eat,

It's a pity, their faces are pretty but their teeth so ugly.

What we can do is pretty limited. Without a dentist in the team and proper equipment, we can't do tooth extraction. Some teeth are so rotten...

So we had a practical lesson and taught them to brush their teeth. The state of oral health is pretty bad there. I hope to be able to do more in the next trips.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Our gift of education

I am trained as an Engineer. I have no medical background but that did not stop me from conducting some personal hygiene lessons for the kids there.

The lesson (which I prepared from research from the internet) was focused on germs and how washing hands can keep them from making us sick. See the pictures? All drawn by my mommy and coloured by my cell group!

The lesson was followed by a practical session on hand washing!

We dirtied their hands with paint and they were supposed to wash them off!

Head lice is also a problem for many of the kids there and the church requested that we washed their heads with anti-lice shampoo!

It was hard, back-breaking work. But worthwhile nonetheless.

Thank you to all my helpers!

Who kept on smiling while the crowds just flowed in to get their heads washed.

I cannot imagine doing it without you guys!

Pesky head lice eradicated!

Cambodia Trip - Farming Pics

It's been a long time since I last posted an entry. Been busy preparing for the trip to Cambodia. So here are some pics from the trip

Went to this province in Cambodia called Takeo. It's mainly a rice farming community and the trip was the first time I've been to a rice field.

Doing the High School Musical Jump!

Trying out trashing the rice. (I think it's called rice trashing)

Planting rice is never fun....

Back in the village church, we're like celebrities. Everyone was there to catch a glimpse of us!