Monday, June 29, 2009

Skinny is OUT!

This morning, I read news that might as well have shook the gound below me. declared that in the world of Men's fashion, Skinny is Out!

According to Paris, the new look is a looser silhouette that 'liberates men from strict dress codes'.

Nooooo!!!! Joshua does not work in a full silhouette. Sigh.. all the slim fit shirts, jeans and pants I bought haven't got their full milage! Dior cannot do this to me! I cannot walk round looking like a rapper from a music video, with my pants half way down my butt.

To add salt to the wound, the look of the moment is 'muscles and physique' and not 'sapling thin'. I thought I did the thin & preppy look quite well. Now, it's off with carrots and celery! Chicken breast and egg whites, here I come!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

My first A380 flight!

I'm quite interested in airports and airlines. So flying on the A380 was an experience that I was looking forward to. And the verdict? It is a fantastic aircraft!

First and foremost, kudos to Emirates for their excellent food. I think that the food that they dished out was the best I've ever tasted on an airplane. Outdoing even SIA! Pictured here was breakfast on the A380. Egg rolls, hash browns corn and creamed spinach.

But, the entertainment system - ICE, cannot be compared to SIA's Krisworld. And on one flight, we weren't able to have video-on-demand. Service wise, the staff were warm and friendly.

The ambience of the aircraft is excellent. High ceilings and wider seats makes the passenger feel less claustrophobic. And the ride was very smooth and noise from the engine was minimal. Great aircraft!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

From the Fear East to the Middle East

Well, after a 7 hour flight, I'm in Dubai Airport.

Flew Emirates. Not too impressed with the airline. Food - bad. Service - impersonal. Cost - CHEEEEEAP! That's why I'm flying Emirates. Cost trumps everything. Including time - waiting for 3 hours for the transit flight. Well, on the bright side, the next Dubai-London flight is on the A380. So that is something to look forward to. First time on the A380! Woo hoo!

Dubai's airport seems bustling with life. These pictures were taken at 5:30am and ALL the shops were open! The other time I took a 6am flight form Changi, the shops were still closed, except for the cosmetics counters. Changi can learn something from Dubai - since Singapore prides itself as a shopper's paradise.

Ok, that's all for now I guess... 2 more hours to go before the next flight. Watch this space! Next up: how to get to Central London from Heathrow when the Tube service is on strike:
Now that would be an adventure.