Sunday, June 28, 2009

My first A380 flight!

I'm quite interested in airports and airlines. So flying on the A380 was an experience that I was looking forward to. And the verdict? It is a fantastic aircraft!

First and foremost, kudos to Emirates for their excellent food. I think that the food that they dished out was the best I've ever tasted on an airplane. Outdoing even SIA! Pictured here was breakfast on the A380. Egg rolls, hash browns corn and creamed spinach.

But, the entertainment system - ICE, cannot be compared to SIA's Krisworld. And on one flight, we weren't able to have video-on-demand. Service wise, the staff were warm and friendly.

The ambience of the aircraft is excellent. High ceilings and wider seats makes the passenger feel less claustrophobic. And the ride was very smooth and noise from the engine was minimal. Great aircraft!

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