Saturday, August 30, 2008

bomb diffuser

I started lunch time yoga every Friday. $66 a month - thats how much I'm willing to pay to officially twang from one hour of work per week. Having a rockin' body after is just added bonus. Aside from the breathing exercises, the most difficult posture is the one where one stretches out his hand in front of himself and pretends to be sitting on an invisible chair - thighs and shins at right angle, back upright. Woa! My thighs were VIBRATING during that exercise! My body is aching from this afternoon's session as I type...

So, after the yoga session, I got a bomb thrown onto my lap. The Open House booth is not up to standard. Need to put more things... So after much discussion - which I was not a part of, JOSHUA was assigned to set up another counter to screen some 1m34s video. Strange how arrows can still fly in my direction when I am not even represented in discussions. People must really think highly of me to entrust me with such an important task.

So, in short, all the logistics were sourced my moi, setting up dumped to moi, clearing up would be moi, transportation of the logistics to the venue also MOI. I got so much things to bring that I am actually bringing a suitcase tmr. If u see a flustered Captain, dragging a large black suitcase at the Open House, look harder and it may just be me!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

See and Follow

See: The Fall/Winter Prada Men's ad campaign.

Follow: Move over super skinny jeans! The next big thing in mens wear is wearing a double collar. Button up the shirt to the top most button then put on a collar on top of the shirt's collar. This is Miuccia's latest offering and I think that this one is kinda hard to execute. It also kinda invokes in my mind, the collar and the cuffs that the playboy bunnies wear. Yup, wearing just the collar, cuffs and the 2 pink bunny ears! Now, to get me one of those detachable collars...

Anyway, been so busy lately doing up my booth at the RSAF Open House. Now, after doing the booth, I have to man the booth! Grrr... Response for manpower to man the booth is poor. Sad that no one takes ownership of the booth, except the one assigned to put up the booth. So, there goes this weekend - it'll be spent standing by my booth, explaining to the public what I do.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

pesky ads

Channel 5 has really got no common sense - interrupting the closing ceremony with ill-timed advertisements. Cutting out things like singers performances and the UK national anthem in the process. And did they cut out our Singapore singer Stefanie Sun too? I didn't catch her performing at all!

Came home early on Friday. Managed to watch the finals of the mens beach volleyball match. Brazil vs USA. Woa! Got a new idol! And his name is Phil Dalhausser. He's the bestest blocker I've seen! Blocking I think 5 spikes in a row. Could see the look of frustration in the Brazilian's faces as they walk again and again into Dalhausser's blocks. hahaha... Must try to play like Dalhausser.

Well, the olympics are over. Sad, sad. It was fun watching the games over dinner and when I have got time to kill. Sitting in total disbelief as I watch the gymnastics people contort their bodies into out of the world poses. And bewilderment as I try to figure out the scoring for boxing - seriously, the 2 players were punching each other and yet only one player's score was increasing and the other's wasn't! But my favourite was seeing all those amazing camera angles and slow-mo replays of the medal winning performances! The best was the super slow mo replay of Phelps 1/100 second win for the 100m butterfly was just delicious.

Haha.. Phelps... If he were a one-man country competing at the Olympics, the People Republic of Phelps will rank 9th in the medal tally. He's amazing!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

and I say Hallelujah!

Passed level 2! Woo hoo! In His time, in His time.

Met the cousins today. Had a great time catching up over not-so-great-food. Went to this Japanese Marche place at Raffles City. Food wasn't good at all! But still edible... But it's not a place I would recommend pple to go...

Sunday, August 17, 2008

14 years later...

Last week, I met up with my primary 6 classmates for the first time in 14 years! Location was at KM8 in Sentosa's Tanjong Beach.

I graduated from Nan Hua Primary School in 1994 and mainly coz I was the only chap in my class that went to ACS(I), I kinda lost contact with them. Then suddenly Zicong called me on a Friday evening at 4pm and told me that they are meeting that very night, I felt I must meet up with them to see how everyone is.

Well, after 14 years of not meeting, what topics have we got in common to talk about? Mainly just reminiscing about primary school days, the teachers, the pranks and the much simpler life we had. Then I realised, I was pretty much the guai kia in primary school! Never pon-tang classes or go roaming at Clementi central after class.

No one was holding a particularly exciting job or accomplished anything outstanding... (other than perhaps coming 1st runner up in that singing competition!) It made me think, how have I spent my 14 years? And what have I to show after all these years?

Nonetheless, it was a good time catching up with them. Bunch of easy going and sincere people. You can bet the next outing with them won't be in another 14 years! In the mean time, I'll try to dig up my pri 6 class photos!

Busy busy August

Things are getting really crazy this month. Many things to do and so little time!

Been watching the Olympics lately. Especially the swimming and beach volleyball events. Really inspiring to see the beach volleyball players do their spike, blocks and receives... Makes me want to work harder improve my game at Sentosa! Then the swimming events: wow! Phelps is an extra ordinary man! Amazing! It's like watching history being written when he's competing.

Then everyone's talking about the Olympics opening ceremony and raving at how beautiful and innovative it was. haha... Paling Singapore's NDP the day after. Pity I didn't catch it.... I'll try to take time off to see the closing ceremony...

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Creative Capitalism

Is being a profitable company and being socially responsible mutually exclusive?
Can companies add to their bottom line from doing work that makes people better off?
These are the questions asked by Bill Gates in his powerful essay on TIME magazine on Creative Capitalism.

I believe helping the less fortunate should not be the responsibility of the government or the non profit organisations. According to Mr Gates, it is not a far fetched dream for companies to improve society and make a profit at the same time.

It is really inspiring that the world's richest man is retiring from his job to concentrate on improving the lives of those in need. But can this man, who made his billions from computer software, solve something that the most complex software cannot solve?

Some times, while spending so much time and effort on my job, it's refreshing and a good wake up call to read an article that challenges the conventional thinking, rules and doing business. This article made me pause and think, what have I achieved? Is that something I want to achieve?